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Inspector's Field Notes: The Best Of 2018!

As the sun has set on 2018, many of us find ourselves packing away lights and decorations, focusing on new resolutions, polishing our boots for rodeo season, and preparing for a busy real estate market in 2019. 2018 was an exciting year full challenges, excitement, and new opportunities. Morrow Inspection Services was blessed with a new company record on completed inspections, and our goal is to surpass that record again in 2019!


What was the real best of 2018? Without a doubt the real best of 2018 was the ongoing trust and new connections made with agents and clients. Without these relationships and referrals Morrow Inspection Services would not be the company it is today. For that we thank you!

Together we can make 2019 the best year yet.

The most liked photos of 2018: As Morrow Inspection Services social media presence has grown our content is getting noticed. If you already follow us on Facebook or Instagram some of these photos may look familiar. Some photos are funny, exciting, scary, and others are actually educational of things to watch out for when buying or inspecting a home. If you do not currently follow Morrow Inspection Services please connect with us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the latest news and findings.

Fainting goats at an inspection: There are good days in real estate and there are challenging days in real estate. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Gabby the fainting goat I can promise you your day in real estate will include smiles.

Something new every day: This picture, in my mind really, "hits the nail on the head." Homes are just like clients and transactions. Each one has their own special features and attributes. Sometimes even hidden secrets and surprises.

Bullets in the roof: While many who viewed this post were shocked or scared finding bullets in a roof is not all that uncommon. In my experience, there is no pattern to where you will find this. The zip code and price of a home cannot prevent others from making poor decisions.

Thoughts from Kermit: This was actually the most liked photo we have ever posted. Anyone in real estate can relate!

Sprinklers gone wild: Multiple occurences of freezing temperatures during the 2017-2018 winter laid the groundwork for countless sprinkler system issues in the spring. I was actually able to put a small video together of all the sprinkler systems that had "gone wild."

The terminator scarecrow: I just cannot help but like a home owner that enjoys 90s action movies. And yes, the scarecrow was included in the listing photos.

What are you breathing?Unfortunately this is one of the scary ones, but I felt compelled to share. This home had a new roof installed about two years before being put on the market, and we can only imagine that during that time all three gas furnaces and three gas water heaters were exhausting into the attic space. When major life safety issues like this come up I immediately alert all parties involved. This story had a good ending though. Sellers had the issue corrected, and we returned a few days later. The buyers will be enjoying this home for years to come.

Rooftop reflections: As someone who enjoys photography outside of work I never pass an opportunity to take fun or unique pictures while inspecting. On this day I had the pleasure of being on the roof of the tallest residential home in the Montrose area of Houston.

The selfie: Even though it causes my amazing wife grief, I always send her a selfie when inspecting high and midrise condo roofs in down town. On this particular day the clouds and weather were perfect!

Gas leaks: Potentially deadly? Absolutely, but all is well that ends well. It is rare that sellers call me to say thank you, but on this day I got calls from the buyers, listing agent, and the sellers to say thank you for finding this. A quick call to the gas company and everything was taken care of.

Though there are hundreds of fun, interesting, scary, or exciting pictures that could be shared these were the highest rated of 2018.

As we progress into 2019 real estate market Morrow Inspection Services wishes everyone the absolute best.

Together we can make 2019 the best year yet!

The Morrow Inspection Services Difference

From the slab to the shingles, and everything in between. 

You can rely on Morrow Inspection Services to be there for you and your clients!

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