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Common Stucco Issues In The Houston Area

Stucco siding can be problematic with moisture intrusion. Geographically, Houston falls into what is known as a sub tropical climate area meaning high levels of tempurature, humidity and rainfall. Moisture intrusion through stucco defects on a wood frame structure can lead to rot of your homes framing structure and have negative effects on your homes indoor air quality (mold). A great amount of detail is required during the instalation of stucco veneer to achieve proper performance.

Common moisture intrusion areas in stucco include:

-Flashing details

-Decor attachments



-Wall penetrations

-Soil/ground contact (drainage and grading)



-Cracks within the stucco itself

-Improper adjustment of sprinkler systems

-Missing/improper control joints

Stucco failure down town Houston

Improper balcony flashings and moisture intrusion. Repair estimate from contractor was into the tens of thousands and could increase depending on other damage uncovered. Notice how the wood substrate crumbled into the inspectors hand!

Missing gutter diverter/kick out on a 4th story roofline. The ommision of a sub $30 part created a problem that was quoted at $57,000 to repair! The invasive stucco inspection revelaed the entire side of the home had been comprimised.


EIFS moisture intrusion in Sugar Land Texas.

EIFS (synthetic stucco) failure below an exterior window. This particular home was experiancing moisture intrusion during a drought due to stucco failure combined with sprinkler heads spraying the exterior walls. Interior drywall had roughly 55% moisture almost a foot behind the exterior!

New construction with exposed wood at bottom of stucco walls. This is a recipe for moisture and wood destroying insect intrusion.

Stucco failure due to missing flashing Houston Texas
Improper Stucco instalation in Houston Texas.
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