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New Construction Inspections

Morrow Inspection Services is often asked the question "why would a new home need an inspection?"

The answer is rather simple. Provided you have a good legal represenative (realtor), who else in the transaction that you may be spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on has your best interest in mind?

The local building code inspector (provided there is one)? It generally takes anywhere from 3-5 hours to complete a full home inspection. Local building code inspectors may have as many as 30 houses to visit in a days time. That is not much time at all to fully asses a home. Also, just because you are buying a new construction home that dosen't mean it will be built to the newest construction and safety code. As of June 2018 Katy, Texas was still building to the the 2012 International Residential Code and 2011 National Electric code.

The builders 3rd party private inspector? Well that sounds like good quality control, but that person works for the builder not you. Their inspections and reporting are done up to the builders standards. There is no state mandated standards of practice for a builders inspector.

The builder? As soon as your new house closes the builder gets paid. That said there are some builders out there that truely put value in their products and will stand behind them. Other builders have made private inspections nearly impossible.

The fact of the matter is that you as the purchaser of a new construction home need to protect yourself as well as your money. Having a new construction home thourgoughly inspected with Morrow Inspection Services does just that.

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