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Re-sale Home Inspections

This is the most common type of home inspection performed by Morrow Inspection Services. Sometimes called a pre-sale inspection this type of inspection is normally for a buyer during the real estate transaction process.

Purchasing a house is one of the largest investments most people will make during their lives. At Morrow Inspection Services, we pride ourselves on providing detailed and thorough reports on conditions at the time of inspection, as well as opinions on future performance of the house. All items deemed to be defective or in need of repair at the time of inspection will be included within the inspection report, along with detailed photographs and narratives to illustrate our findings. We understand that every house has problems or defects, and for most problems there are solutions. Some problems will require immediate attention, while others may never actually need repair.  


We always suggest that our clients be present for, at minimum, the final walk through with the inspector.  This is our opportunity to explain what was found during the inspection and to address any questions or concerns our clients may have.  We understand that to many it may be just another house, but to you, it is where you call home.

What's Included in the Re-Sale Home Inspection?

At Morrow Inspection Services we understand that not every person is versed with what all goes into a home inspection. You may be a first time home buyer or maybe you hired a different home inspector for a previous transacion that left something to be desired in the insepction process.

Below is a sample list of systems that will be inspected in your home. This list is not a limit of what systems will be inspected, just a small sample of the sytems we report on at Morrow Inspection Services. All reports adhere to and exceed the Minimum Standards of Practice as set by the Texas Real Estate Commision.

Electrical Systems Inspected

Panel Boxes & Sub Panels (We always remove deadfronts when deemed safe for inspection), Accessible Outlets, Service Masts & Mastheads, Service Drops

Plumbing Systems Inspected

Water Supply, All Accessible Sinks, Toilets, Showers, Tubs, and Drains

Exterior Systems Inspected

Roof Covering and Flashing Details (We always walk roofs when deemed safe for inspection), Doors, Windows & Glazing, Exterior Wall Coverings, Exterior Weatherproofing (Siding, Sealing, Caulking), Foundations, Porches/Decks/Patios, Site Grading & Drainage, Gutter Systems

Interior Systems Inspected

Wall Coverings, Floor Coverings, Visible Structure, Stairwells, Visible Roof Framing, Attic Ladders & Access, Attic Insulation, Roof Framing, Interior Weatherproofing, Ceilings 

Mechanical Systems Inspected

Fire Places, Door Locks, Dishwashers, Microwaves, Exhaust Fans, Door Bells, Ovens, Smoke Alarms, Garage Door Openers, Ceiling Fans, Built in Vacuums, Water Heaters, Trash Compactors

Heating and Cooling Systems Inspected

Heat Fuel Source, Ducting, Registers & Returns, Air Conditioner Specs, Condenser Cabinets, Mechanic Disconnects

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Notice: All utility services must be turned on to perform a complete inspection (Gas, Electricity, Water). All gas operated appliances (water heaters and furnaces) need gas valves opened and pilots lit if applicable.

To perform a complete inspection in occupied homes, adequate access must be provided to ALL systems that will be inspected.

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