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End Of Home Warranty Inspections

Home warranty or 11 month warranty insepctions as they are sometimes reffered as are extremely important. If you have purchased a new home within the last year you should have a home warranty, sometimes referred to as a "builder warranty", list to submit to your builder for any problems, defects, or installation errors that have become evident within the home. This will be your final chance to have the home builder perform repairs on your home without cost to you. 

You have lived in your home for almost a year now and may feel as though you have found all the issues within your new home. In actuality you have most likely found only the obvious defects. Our home warranty inspections give you the information you need to protect your investment. Many structural issues found in homes 5, 10, or even 30 years down the road could have been easily fixed when the house was new. Especially when the repairs are on your builders dime!

In one year's time from construction, mechanical equipment may have signs of manufacturing defects. Sometimes newly introduced products have new information on performance safety concerns that will be reported on in a home warranty inspection.

At Morrow Inspection Services we are here to look out for your well being. It is often that a new home will have a major deficiancy that is causing damage to the home. For example reporting a cieling stain to your builder. Builder returns with new paint and the problem is gone. Yes the problem of the cieling stain is gone, but the issue itself has not been remedied. Another example is the expensive mechanical equipment within your home. Many mechanical components in your new home will have a warranty that out lives your builders home warranty. Sounds great right? Maybe so, but if any of that mechanical equipment was not installed in accordance with the manufactureres guidelines they will most likely be telling you "too bad" in the event of a failure.

It has become all too common for builders to push back when it comes to home warranty claims. At Morrow Inspection Services we can help guide you through the warranty claim process.

As a service to you, if we performed the original presale inspection, we are already familiar with your home. As a token of our appreciation for your repeat business we will offer a 10% discount on home warranty inspections.

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