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Are You Buying A Home With Termites?

While we hope you are not there is really only one true way to find out. 

In the state of Texas there are a host of insects that can damage the wood structure of your home not just termites. These insects are what are known as wood destroying insects (WDI). Due to the climate and soil types of the greater Houston area wood destroying insects are rather common. These insects include, but are not limited to termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood boring beetles.

Morrow Inspection Services recommends every re-sale home be inspected for wood destroying insects. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind as an infestation can cost real money to remediate. Depending on your loan format a WDI report may be required by your lender.

In addition to your home inspection Morrow Inspection Services is also licensed to perform wood destroying insect (WDI) inspections. 

WDI Pricing:

$95 up to 3000 sqaure feet when combined with your home inspection*

$125 up to 3000 square feet as a single service*

*Extra charges include pier and beam, homes over 3000 square feet, all prices are plus tax.

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