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Specialty & Ancillary Inspections That Fall Outside The Normal Inspection

At Morrow Inspection Services we offer a number of specialty or ancillary services. Below is a short list of the most commonly requested services. Services will be performed by Morrow Inspection Services or coordinated with other service providers to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us with your needs.

Home Maintenence Inspections

So you have been living in that dream home for a while now. Don't you want to keep it a dream home? At Morrow Home Inspections our home maintenence inspection service gives you piece of mind that that big investment dosen't become a bad dream. Our report on this type of inspection service will provide you with items that need to be repaired or replaced as well as maintenence advice on keeping your dream home in top shape.

Symptomatic Inspections

Ever have an issue in your home that no matter how many times you have contracted someone to remidie it keeps coming back? At Morrow Home Inspection Services our symptomatic inspections are focussed on finding the actual cause of your problem. Putting a fresh coat of paint over water stains won't solve the leak. Finding the problem source allows you to cost effectively remediate the problem.

Pool and Spa Inspections

Pools and spas can be a great value enhacing item to your home. South east Texas climate allows for home owners to enjoy their pools and spas for a good portion of the year. With that enjoyment comes constant maintenance. If the home you are interested in purchasing comes with a pool we highly recomend having it inspected to make sure proper maintenence procedures have been applied to pool equiptment and structure. 

Morrow Inspection Services does not perform pool and spa inspections, but we can coordinate this service through one of our partners for a small fee.

Full In-Depth Home Analysis Inspections

(Technically Exhaustive Inspections)

This type of inspection is for the buyer who wants or needs a full in-depth analysis of the home. This type of inspection will require destructive inspection techniques. Removal of interior/exterior wall coverings, roof coverings, and floor coverings. Complete break down of all mechanical equipment. Sectioning and removal of plumbing systems. Once again, this is a inspection that will require destructive inspection techniques. This type of inspection requires special agreements between all parties in the transaction. It may take 30 or more days to complete this type of inspection and will require multiple companies to be contracted (including but not limited to Geotechnical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Certified Roofing Specialist, Electrical Engineer, HVAC Engineer, Master Plumber, Leak Detection Specialist, Chimney Sweep, Master Mason, Master Tile Setter, Fenestration Specialist, Door Installation Specialist, Master Trim Carpenter, Master Painter, Landscape Architect, Master Pool Builder, Certified Indoor Air Quality Specialist, Industrial Hygienist, Appliance Repair Specialist, and Water Quality Specialist).  In addition, the report for this type of inspection may take up to an additional 30 days to complete. This type of inspection starts at $10,000.00.

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