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Construction Phase Inspections

The process of inspecting new homes during the various stages or phases of construction is often reffered to a 3-phase inspection, but in reality it is more complex than that. The construction phase inspections often require more than 3 visits to the site to ensure compliance with repairs has been met. For heavily detailed or customized homes phase inspections may require inspections at 6 different phases of construction. Morrow Inspection Services can help tailor an inspection plan for you.

During new build phase inspections, we at Morrow Inspection Services make it our duty to find oversights and quality control issues during the building of your home. As with many problems, there are usually solutions. In home building these solutions are usually much simpler during early stages of construction. Construction superintendants and project managers are very busy people overseeing many jobsites. At jobsites you have many different trades working in all aspects of construction. Without proper management many of these trade laborers basically become self managed, leading to all sorts of issues related to proper construction of a home.

Most Common Construction Phases Inspected

Foundation/Pre Pour Inspections

Performed before the concrete is poured this is the last chance to inspect the foundation depths, plumbing penetrations, foundation reinforcements, proper vapor barrier, and foundation framework.

Frame Out/Pre Wall Coverings Inspections

Performed before wall coverings can turn trouble into hidden trouble. This phase of the inspection focuses on structural, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. This is a vital phase in the construction of your home. Mechanical contractors are know to alter or even remove major structural systems during the construction of homes. After the wall coverings go on these problems become concealed and will rarely be detected in the final inspection. This potentially leaves you with a major problem that may not show up for years to come, but could have been easily fixed during construction. Also, problems found in this phase generally fall on the builder to pay to correct, not you.

Final/Pre Closing Inspection

The last step in new build phase inspections is a fully TREC compliant inspection of your home. This should be done after all trades have finished their work inside your home and all appliances are installed. At this point we know your home and can provide you with a detailed final inspection report. With this final phase inspection you will have confidence in your investment before you go to the closing table and sign the bottom line.

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