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Do I really need an 11 month warranty inspection?

Yes, even if everything seems to be perfect in your new home there is no substitute for a thorough inspection by a professional inspector. This is your last chance to have any defects found fixed by your builder on their dime. After the warranty is up, all repairs fall on you, the home owner.

Why would a new home need an inspection?

No home is without defects or problems regardless of how it was constructed. Building a home requires numerous tasks by many trades to produce a final product. Even the best general contractors can make mistakes or oversights on their projects. At Morrow Inpsection Services, it is our job to inform you of trouble in your home, before trouble finds you later on.

Do the utilities need to be turned on?

Yes! For a complete inspection to be performed, all utilities must be turned on (Gas, Electricity, Water). All gas operated appliances (water heaters and furnaces) need gas valves opened and pilots lit if applicable.

To perform a complete inspection in occupied homes, adequate access must be provided to ALL systems that will be inspected.

Who pays for the inspection service?

The fee of the inspection is usually paid for by the buyer or party that seeks the inspection service.

Why do home inspections cost so much?

In the grand scheme of things, is having a trained and licensed professional hired to inspect the largest investment you make during your life really that expensive? When you decide to purchase a home, having peace of mind that your investment will serve you for years to come should outweigh any concerns about the price of an inspection.

How much will the repairs cost?

Cost of repairs for problems found need to be quoted by professional contractors. Findings may be used to negotiate the final price of the home, but that is kept between the buyer and seller. We may offer our advice on costs, but you should still seek a quotes from a professional contractors.

Do I really need an inspection?

Absolutely! Your home is more than likely the most expensive investment you will make. With our thorough inspection you will have peace of mind that your buying decision is the right one.

What areas of town do you inspect?

Morrow Inspection Services is based in Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston, Texas. We inspect homes in the entire Houston area. If you wish to have an inspection performed outside of the Houston area, feel free to call us and discuss the details of where you need an inspection performed.

How long will the inspection take?

Every home is a different case. Inspection times are dependent on many factors including the structure's size, accessibility of inspected systems, and amount of defects found. We will not cut an inspection short just to save time. You can count on our thorough inspections taking at minimum a few hours.

When will I get my report?

We understand that you want your report ASAP. You will receive your report, via e-mail, within 24 hours of your inspection.

Should I be at the inspection?

Yes.  We feel it is in your best interest to be present during the inspection. Being there allows you to actually see the problems firsthand. This also allows us to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Morrow Inspection Services, we understand that the home buying process can be as exciting as it is complicated. Below is a list of questions we are commonly asked. If you have a question that is not listed, feel free to call us.

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