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Infrared Thermography and Home Inspections with Morrow Inspection Services, PLLC

What is infrared thermography and why is it important during your home inspection?

infrared is part of electromagnetic spectrum, but is not visible to human eyes. Through advancements in technology in specialized equipment this wonse invisble light is now visible.


An infrared scan of your home can uncover defects that would go undiscovered by an average home inspector. Moisture intrusion in a home can easily be covered with paint and go undiscovered to the naked eye. Electrical issues both, at interior switches and receptacles, as well as service panels can be diagnosed. Living in Texas, we all deal with the costly task of cooling our homes during warm months (which can be year round). Infrared thermography allows Morrow Inspection Services to document deficient insualtion installation and home envelope loss (exchange of air with the outside enviroment).

Morrow Inspection Services includes thermal imaging in all of our full home inspections. 

Why risk potentially costly issues just because your home inspector can't see them?


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